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What is GBL?

γ-Butyrolactone is a hygroscopic colorless, water-miscible liquid with a weak characteristic odor. It is the simplest 4-carbon lactone. Safely Order GBL Online .

Boiling point204 °C
Formula: C4H6O2
Solubility in water: Miscible
Solubility: soluble in CCl4, methanol, ethanol, acetone, benzene, ethyl ether
Viscosity1.7 cp (25 °C)
Acidity (pKa): 4.5
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Special Precautions & Warnings:

GBL is UNSAFE and should not be use  by anyone. Certain people, especially those with the following conditions, so, are at even more risk for side effects. Safely Order GBL Online

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: GBL is UNSAFE.  However if you take it while pregnant or breast-feeding, you will endanger yourself as well as your baby.

Irregular heartbeat:  Also, GBL can make this condition worse.

Epilepsy: GBL might cause seizures.

High blood pressure: GBL might make this condition worse.

Surgery: GBL can affect the central nervous system (CNS). As a result there is concern that combining GBL with anesthesia and other medications used during and also  after surgery might slow down the CNS too much. However GBL should not be used in the two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Use of GBL, or the closely related gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and also butanediol (BD), has been linked to deaths and cases of serious side effects.
        These serious side effects include the inability to control the bowels, vomiting, mental changes, sedation, agitation, combativeness, memory loss, serious breathing and also  heart problems, fainting, seizures, coma, and death.
         The effects can be made worse by alcohol or narcotics such as morphine, heroin, and others. Long-term use may lead to withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, tremor, and anxiety.

Alcohol interacts with GAMMA BUTYROLACTONE (GBL)

Alcohol can cause sleepiness and drowsiness. Similarly taking GBL along with alcohol might greatly increase sleepiness and drowsiness caused by alcohol.

Above all taking GBL along with alcohol can lead to serious side effects. Therefore do not take GBL if you have been drinking. Safely Order GBL Online

Gamma butyrolactone (GBL) is UNSAFE. In the US, it is illegal to manufacture or sell GBL or the related products GHB and butanediol (BD).
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